As our Representative, Robert Dickey has worked hard to deliver on the promises he made to our families. He has supported conservative legislation to protect taxpayers, make Georgia stronger, and improve our schools and to grow our economy.

  • Tax Reform that has reduced taxes on our families and businesses and makes Georgia more competitive in job creation.
  • Zero-Based Budgeting that reformed government spending practices by requiring state departments to begin their budgets at zero and justify every dollar.
  • Balanced Budgets that have slashed billions in government spending, protected priorities like education and increased Georgia’s Rainy Day Fund.
  • Education Reform that give parents, teachers and local communities more flexibility to improve our schools.

Robert Dickey’s Priorities

A Voice for Middle Georgia.
I refuse to make promises that I cannot keep, but my one commitment to you is that I will continue to be a strong voice for Middle Georgia. I will work to grow our economy, protect our values, improve our schools and ensure that we receive the attention we deserve.

Grow Our Economy.
At Dickey Farms, my family has provided jobs for generations of local families. Cynde and I have a unique understanding of the struggles our businesses face every day. We have to deal with the costly regulations and red tape from the federal and state governments, and we understand the affects of high taxes.

I campaigned on the need to send a business leader to the State House—someone who understands how to create a job. I have used that experience to pass legislation that has cut regulations and cut taxes to make Georgia more competitive in job creation. Now Georgia’s economy is slowly improving.

I will continue to work hard to pass common sense legislation that will make Georgia the number 1 state in the country to do business.

In addition, I will oppose radical policies like Obamacare that will hurt our businesses and kill jobs.

Improve our Schools.
A great education for our children is vital to our economic success. We need to do everything possible to improve our schools and ensure our children receive a stellar education. The answer isn’t more money. It’s more accountability and flexibility for local schools. I have been proud to support legislation that has increased flexibility for local families and school systems and protects our kids from being trapped in failing schools.

Protect Agriculture.
Agriculture makes up the largest part of our state’s economy. That’s why it’s vital we promote and protect our farmers and agri-businesses throughout the state. With fewer and fewer legislators from rural Georgia, it is more important than ever to have a strong voice that understands our agriculture industry. I will continue to support to efforts that will help the ag industry grow and expand.

Lower Taxes.
As a business owner, I understand the devastating affects higher taxes on our businesses and families. That’s why I supported tax cut legislation that has reduced taxes on our families and businesses and is already attracting new jobs to Georgia.

I am committed to making Georgia even more competitive in attracting new businesses and jobs by reforming our tax code in a way that lower taxes on our businesses and families.

Protect Taxpayers.
In my business, we don’t spend money we don’t have. I believe government should be run like I run Dickey Farms. That’s why I have supported efforts to balance our state’s budget, eliminate billions of dollars in wasteful spending, build our ‘rainy day’ fund and implement zero-based budgeting to cut waste.

I will continue to work hard every day to protect the taxpayers of Middle Georgia by ensuring that we spend your tax dollars wisely and only on the programs we need.

Stand Strong for the 2nd Amendment
I will stand strong for our right to bear arms, and I will oppose any efforts that infringe on our 2nd Amendment Rights.

Real Ethics Reform.
I am proud to support ethics reform that will hold our elected leaders accountable and that ensure our government is accountable to the people.